Naman Jain

I am a research fellow at Microsoft Research, India (MSR) where I work at the intersection of programming languages and machine learning. I am particularly interested in how machine learning techniques can be used for developer productivity tools like program analysis, synthesis, and repair (ML for PL). I am excited about how logic and program synthesis ideas can help be used in machine learning for designing better generalizing, explainable algorithms (PL for ML).

At MSR, I am working with Nagarajan Natarajan, Sriram Rajamani, Prateek Jain, Arun Iyer, Rahul Sharma, and Suresh Parthasarthy. Before that I got my bachelors degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay where I completed my undergraduate thesis with Prof. Sunita Sarawagi on robustness in natural language processing and also worked with Prof. Arjun Jain in Human Pose Estimation.

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Dec 2021 Jigsaw (combining program synthesis with large language models) has been accepted at ICSE'22
Oct 2021 Preprint out on learning decision trees with bandit feedback
Aug 2020 Joined Microsoft Research, India as a Research Fellow
May 2020 Work on named entity robust NLP models accepted in RepL4NLP, ACL'20
Jun 2019 Visiting University of Maryland for research internship with Prof. Abhinava Shrivastava
May 2019 Work on adversarial examples in human pose estimation accepted in VUHCS, CVPR'19
Dec 2018 Recieved Undergraduate Research Award (URA) from IIT Bombay



Jigsaw: Large Language Models meet Program Synthesis
Naman Jain, Skanda Vaidyanath, Arun Iyer, Nagarajan Natarajan, Suresh Parthasarathy, Sriram Rajamani, Rahul Sharma
ICSE, 2022

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Learning Accurate Decision Trees with Bandit Feedback via Quantized Gradient Descent
Ajaykrishna Karthikeyan*, Naman Jain*, Nagarajan Natarajan, Prateek Jain
Submitted to AISTATS, 2022

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  title={Learning Accurate Decision Trees with Bandit Feedback via Quantized Gradient Descent},
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What’s in a Name? Are BERT Named Entity Representations just as Good for any other Name?
Sriram Balasubramanian*, Naman Jain*, Gaurav Jindal*, Abhijeet Awasthi, Sunita Sarawagi
Workshop On Representation Learning for NLP at ACL, 2020

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On the Robustness of Human Pose Estimation
Naman Jain*, Sahil Shah*, Abhishek Sharma, Arjun Jain
Workshop On Augmented Human: Human-centric Understanding at CVPR, 2019

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